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Discussion in 'Virginia' started by Vicolette, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Virginia may be for lovers but from September 28 through October 7, it becomes the place to be for the annual Virginia State Fair. The fun fest is held at The Meadow Event Park located near the 20-acre Kings Dominion amusement park.The fair features all the traditional fun, shows, rides, music, competitions, animals, and of course, delicious food. If you get a chance, take in the fair one day and the waterpark on another for non-stop entertainment.
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    Virginia State Fair at Doswell

    I have been to Virginia's state fair for years now and it's one of the best, though folks need to know that the fair isn't held where it used to. It'll be now located at Doswell, which means parking isn't as great and there'll be lots of up and down hill walking due to the split nature of the fair grounds). I'd advice you wear comfy shoes because you will need them;)
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    I'm confused...I thought there was no more state fair since the state fair of Virginia entered into liquidation early this year? Can somebody confirm this?
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    Virginia State Fair back in business

    yes, this is true. The SFVA went bust in March and all events organized by the SFVA for the rest of the year were going to be cancelled. Luckily, the Virginia Farm Bureau stepped up and saved the day by agreeing with Universal Fairs to run the SFVA, So as schedule, the SFVA will be happening at the Meadow Event Park from Sept. 28 thru Oct. 7.
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    good on you Mother of all states!

    im glad common sense prevailed in the end. It would have been a travesty and a tragedy for the state not to host the annual fair. State fairs is something every state in the US should not miss out on because that's when the real America comes alive that you won't see most of the year. Good on Virginia for getting their state fair back;)
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    Yes, state fairs are something we don't ever want to lose. A fair says so much about the people and always provides a great time for everyone and it's a happy day that the Virginia State Fair will continue. Here's a link to the website for more information about the upcoming event.

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