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    hiya, can we get some general tips on traveling to Jordan, more specifically the exit tax?
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    hi there,

    Single tourist visas cost 10JD or approx $15. You don't need photos, or any document except your passport. Single entry visas are valid for three months from the date you entered the country, but you must "register" them at a main police station within two weeks of your arrival. If you forget about this, then you have a fine of 1.5JD per day for each day you have neglected to register.

    It is also possible to obtain a free "transit visa" valid for 48 hours to Jordan. Obviously with this visa you are automatically exempt from the exit tax, but if you stay longer than the 48 hours, you will not only have to pay both the visa charge and the exit tax but a fine of 1.5JD for each day you have been in Jordan.

    When you leave the country, there is an exit tax of 5JD which is around $7.

    Hope this helps

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