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Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by Vagabonde, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Vagabonde

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    do US citizens need a visa to get in to El Salvador, and it's El Salvador airport modern? has anyone experienced any problems at the airport?
  2. Ruby

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    A few years back, US citizens didn't need a visa or a card to enter El Salvador. However, now immigration officials require that you have either a visa or tourist card.

    Visas are issued by the Consulate of El Salvador, while the tourist card will be issued to you on arrival and only costs $10.

    When I was in el Salvador, I did not have any problems with El Salvador airport immigration officials, though expect to see uniformed and armed personnel walking around with sniffing dogs so don't be alarmed.
    Overall, expect to find a modern airport with typical amenities like restaurants and duty free shops.

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