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Discussion in 'Burundi' started by RedBullCorp, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. RedBullCorp

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    Yes, you will need a tourist or transit visa for traveling to Burundi. You will have to apply for before getting there, unless your country you come from hasn't got a Burundi embassy. In that case, once you arrive at Burundi Bujumbura airport you can get it upon arrival but make sure you tell your travel agency first and give them your passport number, identity and flight details.
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    Definitely contact your tour operator about the far as I know you can fly there and get your visa at Bujumbura airport. Another alternative is to fly to Kigali (which is cheaper anyways) and obtain a visa for Burundi from the Embassy in Kigali Rwanda (it costs $40 for a 30-day stay).

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