Visa free travel between Ukraine and Panama

Discussion in 'Ukraine' started by whatyagona, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. whatyagona

    whatyagona New Member

    Great news for citizens of Panama and Ukraine. As of August 16 2013, citizens of Panama and Ukraine wont be needing a visa to travel to and from both countries. Basically, this means if you're a citizen of Panama or Ukraine you can enter and stay in either country for up to 90 days.
  2. Bertulioff

    Bertulioff New Member

    Good news indeed! I wish more countries would allow more visa free travel among countries. I think it's ridiculous that as people we have to pay to travel to different parts of the world when the world belongs to each and one of the people on earth. I'd say abolish visas and borders!
  3. Bertulioff

    Bertulioff New Member

    Well, a free visa is always welcome. I believe before Ukrainians had to pay $50 upon arrival in Panama for a tourist visa. I wonder if this visa abolishment will mean increased tourism to Panama from Ukraine. Anyone in this forum from Ukraine traveling to Panama soon? traveling to Panama soon?

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