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    There is a visa required on arrival to Vietnam if you arrive by an international flight such as Bangkok-Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Airport. The good news is that the procedure for getting the visa is very simple. All you have to do is apply on line for a letter of invitation through a local visa agency and then, they will email you the letter which you will present at HCMC Airport. As far as I know, hotels in Vietnam are not registered by Immigration as Visa Intermediaries. Single visas cost $45.
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    entry upon arrival in Vietnam

    The thing about the visa is the Approval Letter. Once you get it, it's pretty straight forward from there. You show the approval letter at the airport upon arrival and get pick up the visa. By the way, the airport authorities will verify the details on the approval letter based on your passport and travel documents. Make sure the details are correct when applying online.
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    visa pricing

    A VoA (visa on arrival) is definitively cheaper than getting one at your local embassy. The letter of invitation is normally $15 for a single entry or $25 for multiple entries. A single visa cost $45, a month visa costs $60 and and a 3 month visa costs $95. Watch out for scams because some agencies cash your money for the letter of invitation but never send you the letter. Legit agencies are Amica or Oriental Bridge Travel.
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    Vietnam visa approval letter is cost $ 15 for most of the nationalities. ( stampig fee is $ 25)
    American passport holders will get one year visa with $ 30 for the approval letter + $ 135 for the stamping fee on arrival
    Middle-eastern, Most African ( considered as difficult nationalities by the immigration) will get visa on arrival as well with much higher fee.

    Source: Vietnamese Private Tours
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    The website offers only $14 per person.

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