Visa requirements for US citizen going to Uzbekistan

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    Just to clarify, as a US citizen you won't need a letter of intent (LOI) and you can normally obtain the visa without LOI but you will have to apply for it back in New York consulate or in Washington at the embassy depending on your state where you live. Total visa for Uzbekistan costs around $100 including the visa fees.
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    Yes, this is correct. It's also worth noting that the consulate general of the Republic of Uzbekistan in New York will not accept handwritten visa applications. Only typed applications will be accepted. Also, in order to obtain visa for travel to Uzbekistan, you must submit the following documents: a printout of completed visa application form, original passport, one photo of passport size, and a visa fee, which is actually $160 for US citizens.
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    there are all kinds of conflicting information about this. As far as I know, if you're not visiting anyone there you won't need a LOI. The rules are different if you going to visit someone in Uzbekistan, though. hope that clarifies things.
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    This is what Americans need for a tourist visa for Uzbekistan:

    1. One duly completed and signed Visa Application Form.
    2. Valid original passport
    3. Copy of passport (copy of pages with personal data, visas, stamps and other records)
    4. One passport size color photo
    5. Visa fee for U.S. Citizens:
    6. Ten business days processing - US $ 160.00
    7. Four business days processing - US $ 240.00

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