Visa requirements for US citizens

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by esseyholmes, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. esseyholmes

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    Is it true that US citizens can visit the Philippines for tourist purposes for 21 days, but there must be evidence of a round-trip ticket or onward travel?

    Do I need a round-trip ticket? If so, does anyone know if Philippines authorities enforce the round-trip ticket rule?
  2. Danny

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    As far as I know, you'll always need a roundtrip ticket or any ticket that shows you don't intend to stay in the Philippines beyond 21 days.

    Having said this, I have talked to Americans who have visited the Philippines and they told me that you do not need to have a round-trip ticket.

    Best to check the Philippines embassy web site for tourist visa info.
  3. MaryLane

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    Questions? What if you want to stay longer? What should i do???
  4. even40's

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    staying in the Philippines visa

    What if you want to stay longer? if you're planning on staying in the Philippines for more than 21 days then you need to get a visa through the Philippines Embassy ( Make sure you have an up to date passport, proof of onward travel, proof of financial stability, visa fees and a passport photo.
  5. travellerGo

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    Hope this helps......

    "U.S. Citizens planning to enter and visit the Philippines for 21 days or less do not need a visa prior to travel to the Philippines, provided their passport is valid for at least 6 months and they have a valid return ticket. However, in excess of 21 days, U.S. citizens must either apply for a visa at the nearest Philippine Consular Establishments in the US prior to travel or upon arrival in the Philippines at the Bureau of Immigration(BI), Magallanes Drive, Port Area, Intramuros, Manila"

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