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    We're planning a trip to Saudi Arabia and I am wondering who needs a visa to get into Saudi Arabia? if so, what are the visa costs, etc, Also, what about the Pilgrim visa? many thanks!
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    hi there,

    All nationals are required a visa to enter Saudi Arabia and the passport must be valid for at least six months at time of entry is required.

    The Pilgrim visa can only be obtained through an authorised 'Ummra Agency', appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so for more info check with their embassy for a full list of appointed agents.

    The types of visa are as follows:

    - Family Visit: £39 (single-entry).
    - Business: £39 (single-entry); £96 (multiple-entry).
    - Work: £10. Residency: £10.
    - Transit: £10.
    - Pilgrim : no charge, although the agency may charge an administrative fee (one to three months for a maximum of 30 days in Saudi Arabia).

    Hope this helps

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