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Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by brayden lyle, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. brayden lyle

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    I will have one week in Hoi An - Da Nang - Hue in October. If possible, I want to move to some places in the North of Vietnam such as Hanoi and Cat Ba (Hai Phong) but I think it's not really feasible. I really would like to come to visit Hoi An because some of my friends are satified with this city. I want to ask if October is the appropriate time for visiting these places, especially Hoi An? Any recommendations will be highly appreciated.
  2. Azure Swift

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    I heard that in October, Hoi An is in wet season so you should consider rains when travelling there. However, it will not rain all the time, and in this time, you can come and experiece taking a boat with local people. Booking a tour is also a solution, you won't have to be worry about the above disadvantages.
  3. Sally Nguyen

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    October is the rainy season in Hoi An, Danang, so you should prepare the umbrella or raincoat. But, don't worry, It will be still fantastic. I visited Hoi An in a rainy day in this Jan, and this town is wonderful. Danang is great too, people are so friendly and I received their help a lot. If you want to move to the North, you should visit Hanoi - it's a thounsand - year - capital of Vietnam. I'm living there. October is in Hanoi's autumn and the weather and the scene are so wonderful.
    If you need any advice, feeling free to ask me.
    Have a nice trip.
  4. chrisphh

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    October will the best month to visit the north of Vietnam, so you should refer some places in the north instead of the Central of Vietnam such as Sapa, Hanoi and Ninh Binh as well. If you concern about itinerary or some things like that, you can ask me or visit the website:
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    Hoi An is belong of Danang, and it's placed in Middle of Vietnam (you can check google map). So you can visit in October, weather is quite comfortable.
    In Hoi An, you can visit old architecture and local featured food like Banh Mi Hoi An. Especially, there are 2 interesting activities in Hoi An: Cycling with bicycle around countryside, become real Vietnamese farmer to do farmer working (It's different from Western farrmer, so attractive); and second activity is use basket boat on river.

    I have some pictures for you:

    Basket Boat

    Relax and drink Vietnamese ice tea

    Drive Buffalo

    "Real Vietnamese farmer" :D

    Hoi An - Venice of Vietnam

    Cycling countryside Hoi An (natural enviroment make you comfortable)

    If you love this and want to know more, ask me or Skype me: Vietnam Indochina Travel and visit: ; search Hoian
    Happy to help you :)
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    Thank you for sharing

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