visiting Copan ruins advise

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    Before visiting Copan, it's worthwhile reading as much as you can on Mayan archaeology and about Copan ruins if you want to enjoy a visit here. If you know very little about archaeological ruins, you won't appreciate how grand Copan really is. As far as accommodation options, the small town of Copan Ruinas is not far from Copan Site and offers a full range of lodging possibilities.
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    If you stay at the Blue Iguana the ruins are only 10 mins walk. Entry fee is a bit steep at $20 but there a few things to do there like taking an underground tour and visiting a museum which has cool exhibits (mostly replicas) of Mayan temples as well as original stone carvings. It gets hot there so bring lots of bottled water. We took the underground tour as well.
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    The thing to see in Copan

    The best part of this trip is going underground to see the tunnels that archaeologists dug. There are not many signs/plaques on site a guide is a must or you won't know what's what. They have bilingual guides and most speak English.

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