Visiting Dubai as Unmarried Couple

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Ajay Malhotra, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Ajay Malhotra

    Ajay Malhotra New Member


    some of the negative hotel reviews talked about management questioning to couples who sharing a single hotel room and are unmarried. I want to know is this an issue?
    We are an unmarried couple visiting for a couple of days in May. Any advice will be appreciated.

  2. 1stplace

    1stplace New Member

    It's not an issue because couples who arrive together never checked as they assume you are married though this may be different for couples from different racial backgrounds as the perception is different. These laws that you hear about are there to stop people going there who act like it's spring break by acting out in a way way that is a sure giveaway they are not married.
  3. Ajay Malhotra

    Ajay Malhotra New Member

    OK. Thankyou for the suggestion
  4. jeffreyty002

    jeffreyty002 New Member

    I've never been to Dubai but planning to go to by next year. Honestly, I never heard that they are checking if their guest are real couple of not. Although I am aware that they are quite conservative. Oh well, that maybe their law that all of us should abide when we are there.
  5. gordonpyette

    gordonpyette New Member

    I went to Hotel Star in Gurgaon with my boyfriend. We visited the hotel as an unmarried couple. We were there for our mini honeymoon. It was the occasion of our 6-months anniversary. We stayed there for three days. I really liked the huge and comfortable bed.
  6. MarinaOrten

    MarinaOrten New Member

    Never been in Dubai but I heard that they are really strick about girls and boys relationships so be careful dear.

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