visiting jordan from israel

Discussion in 'Jordan' started by LBJ44, Dec 21, 2010.

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    I presume the border crossing between jordan and israel inn't an easy thing to navigate, am i wrong? it possible to travel between israel and jordan and what are the connecting cities?
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    The borders between Israel and Jordan are always open, though they normally close during Ramadan month and during the Islamic New Year.

    Other than that, entry into Israel is very simple, especially if you are a European or American citizen. From several destinations in Israel such as Nazareth and Haifa, you can get buses and taxis to Amman in Jordan.

    Nazareth to Amman takes around 50 minutes, and once you get to the Jordanian border, you'll be issued a visa on arrival which will cost you around $15.

    From experience, the only problem with visiting Jordan from Israel is coming back to Israel, especially if you a taxi.

    My advise is to find out about the current situation before setting out to go to Israel. There is no point in checking much in advance since things do get volatile in a daily basis.

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