visiting Luxembourg: some tips

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    Once you arrive in Luxembourg city make sure you pass by the tourist office on Place Guillaume and pick up a map which will detail the city and its points of interest. You can take day trip by bus from Luxembourg to Vianden, Trier and Consdorf for the Mullerthal hiking area. Trier is Germany's oldest city while Vianden has a beautiful castle. By the way, bus passes are fairly cheap costing around 4 euro for a whole day.

    As far as airport transportation, if you're staying in the city it's cheaper to hop on a bus (either bus 9 or bus 16). These buses run to Luxembourg City 8 times per hour everyday though on Sunday the only run four times per hour. Hope that helps
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    Wenzel Circular Walk

    The Wenzel Circular Walk is a good way to explore Luxembourg's oldest parts and historic sights. The walk takes about 2 hours to complete and you will get to see attractions such as the Bock Casemates, the Castle Bridge, the Grund Gate, the Wenzel Wall, the Neumünster Abbey and the Rham Plateau. The Wenzel Circular Walk is well signposted by metal plates in the ground.
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    The bus is the easiest way to move around in Luxembourg as they are very regular. The old downtown district near the Grand Ducal Palace is beautiful and worth 2-3 hours of your time as it's also lined up with lively bars. Definitely, stop at one of these bars and have a drink and listen to good music. As far as eating out, the best burgers in town are at Maybe not Bob’s, which is an Irish pub.

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