Visiting Old San Juan

Discussion in 'Puerto Rico' started by Vicolette, Jun 28, 2012.

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    When visiting Puerto Rico, take a step back in time in Old San Juan. The historic city was established in 1521. Walk the stoned pathways, see the beautiful architecture of these preseved buildings, visit the fort and sample the food and culture of this lovely city.
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    oldest city in PR

    what's not to like about Old San Juan. I'd liked everything about old San Juan,the scenerys, the food stands, the two huge forts, the museums, the shops and restaurants. Most of the buildings are painted with very quaint colors, which makes you think that you're in a village somewhere in Spain.
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    Old San Juan is amazing!

    Old SJ is an awesome place to just walk around because of the beautiful cobblestone streets. Be sure though to go through the gate to view the sea walls from the outside which is the only way to appreciate their size.
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    I would love to visit. Any good tour companies you know of?
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    Cheap Caribbean currently has 3 and 4 night stays for less than $500 including air at nice resorts like the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort located near this lovely and unusual bioluminescent bay.

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