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Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by RaulGonzalez, May 16, 2013.

  1. RaulGonzalez

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    Anyone wondering about electricity voltage in Ecuador needs to know that Ecuador uses the same voltage as the US (120v) so you won't need a converter if your laptop, gadgets, cell phone, etc are dual voltage. However, things like hair dryers, electric shavers, are normally single-voltage and only valid back in the US so you will need a converter.
  2. whatyagona

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    In Ecuador, they use the straight forward 3 prong US type plug for the 110 volt appliances. Bottom line is you don’t need to bring any adapter at all to Ecuador. Your regular US type plugs will work just fine everywhere in this country.
  3. marckArcj

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    Most new laptops today these days have dual voltage so doesn't matter whether you come from Canada, US, UK, Europe. If in doubt, just check the voltage on your laptop for 110 volts and you should be ok without a converter.
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    Do buy a transformer at home if you need one before flying there. Things like that aren't readily available in stores. Last time I was there, I went from store to store trying to find a transformer/converter and could not find them (even if you, they will be of extremely inferior quality).

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