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Discussion in 'North Dakota' started by talesofthe, Dec 23, 2009.

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    hi guys,

    we'll be staying in Fargo most of our trip but we'd like to check Wahpeton. Is it far from Fargo?....Also, what is there to do in Wahpeton and what are Wahpeton attractions worth checking out?
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    hi there,

    Wahpeton is only 40 miles south of Fargo, which means that you can combine the two destinations rather easily.

    If you are looking for outdoor activities, at the Kidder Dam Recreation Area, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, and camping.

    Visiting the Chahinkapa Zoo is definitely one of the top things to do in Wahpeton.

    Other top Wahpeton attractions include the Fort Abercrombie State Museum, the Richland County Historical Museum, and the Bagg Bonanza Farm Historic Site, each of which offers insight into the region's history.

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