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    Wear comforable shoes! this is a must. Vegas doesn't have typically city blocks they are long.. and it's hot outside. First time visitors make the mistake of not wearing comfortable shoes and end up paying the price. You can take free Las Vegas shuttles at certain segments of the strip which helps but overall seeing the strip requires some walking. Also the casinos are quite large so walking inside a Las Vegas Casino can be 15 minutes from one side to the other.

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    Yes, I definitely recommend the comfortable shoes! I literally started from the Stratosphere to the Bellagio and while my feet were hot from just being in Vegas, they were saved by the comfortable shoes. If you plan to wear slippers of some sort, be sure that they're a bit thick as some of those thin ones still allow your feet to feel the heat of the cement.
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    I would suggest taking "The Duece", its the double decker buses. The cost of an all day ticket is about $5. It goes up and down the strip and downtown. If you study the schedule it can get you several other places around the city as well.
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    Yes, you definitely need comfortable shoes. The first time I went to Vegas I made the mistake of walking everywhere, thinking that the distance between hotels wasn't that great. Walking from TI to The Bellagio, I thought, couldn't be that far, as there was only one or two hotels between them.

    But then I walked past Caesar's Palace...and kept on walking, and walking and walking! What seemed like an hour later, I was *still* walking past Caesar's!!

    These hotels are huge, and walking inside is even worse. Walking up the strip and taking in the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood (the old Aladdin), for example, was another mistake I made, as I added an extra mile to my journey that I hadn't even considered (perhaps the name "miracle mile" should have given it away, but who expects to find literally a mile of shops within a hotel?!)

    My feet hurt every time I'm in Vegas :) Oh, and a final tip - your lips will blister and your skin will crack, so bring lip balm and plenty of moisturising suntan lotion.
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    BRING LOTS OF WATER! It's pretty common for Vegas visitors to get what we call "Vegas Voice"...which is, essentially losing your voice on day 2-3 because you have not properly hydrated, you walked around in the sun all day and drank way too much alcohol, which further dehydrates you. My suggestion is to check in and hit the local Walgreen's and stock up on water for your room. Grab some bananas also, as the potassium helps you stay hydrated as well (plus its a great remedy to prevent/help hangovers!)...

  6. everyann

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    Welcome back VE! And good tip...didn't know the bananas would help with the hangovers. Newsflash to me. I'll have to try it next time!
  7. MikeEvans

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    Funny you should say that about the bananas. First time I went to Vegas, I was absolutely craving them at the end of my stay there, and I don't normally eat them. Never occurred to me it was my body's way of fighting the hangovers!
  8. VegasEd

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    glad to help ;-)
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    Renting a scooter makes short work of the strip and a lot more fun then walking, we found
    sunscooterrental.com/ they were off of the strip but the price was right! Only $60 for the day and they shuttled us to and from their location!!
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    i thought I'd say...


    i thought i'd say hello to everyone. i'm new here.


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