want to cross by land from Myanmar to India

Discussion in 'Myanmar' started by Berlinfg, Dec 29, 2014.

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    If you want to cross by land from Myanmar to India, you must do it at the Myanmar/Indian border at Tamu/Moreh. You must apply for a border permit crossing from the government MTT office in Yangon. This only takes 3 days and costs $40. As far as crossing, you can do it independently but you will need to hire a guide which costs between $90 and $150. Also, you could hire a 4x4 with guide for around $500.
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    The other alternative would be to fly to Bangladesh and get a connecting flight to India but it won't any cheaper than crossing via land with a jeep and a guide. Doing it by plane would come up to about $300 or $400. Still, I would prefer also crossing by land...would be worth the adventure!
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    The MTT Office isn't the only place you can get a permit. Also, MTT require you to pay extra fees for a guide as well as transport charges, which is why I would advise getting the permit via a tour travel company. Either way, be sure to apply for the border-crossing permit as soon as you land in Myanmar and remember that you must cross the border on the date you applied for the permit to cross the border, or you won't be able to cross.

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