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Discussion in 'Beaches' started by mitraveler, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I need your advice! All the beaches articles I'm reading mention kayaking and it sounds like fun...but I have no idea how to get started. What do I need besides a kayak? Would you recommend renting? Are there guides out there that can teach you how to do this? What advice do you have for a newbie?
  2. popo00

    popo00 New Member

    kayaking is easy

    hey mittraveler, where are you based? The REI Outdoor School offers paddling classes in seven regions around the country.

    As far as kayaking, it is easy to get used to it and with only three lessons you will be able to grasp the basics. However, before you set out on your own you need at least a few days to practice your newfound skills in calm waters. Also, when launching the kayak keep your weight on the side of the kayak that's supported by the paddle resting on the ground and sit up straight with your back snug against the upright against the seat back.
  3. terance

    terance New Member

    choose the right kayaking school

    it's true that kayaking isn't rocket science but you need the proper guidance to be able to learn in just a few days. Whoever you go with, always choose a reputable and an experienced outfitter because the equipment used and experience of the teacher will determine whether you grasp the basics in just a few days or a few weeks...best to ask around and to check the company out by looking at online reviews, etc.
  4. casandraM

    casandraM New Member

    kayaking tips for newbies

    My best tip for kayaking newbies is to never enter your kayak in a body of water that is muddy along the shore with sandals. Your sandals might get stuck in the mud, causing you to lose your balance so, it's best to wear foot gear that will protect your feet from stepping on broken glass, and fish hooks, that are secure around your feet and ankles.

    Also, don't spend thousands on a kayak! The way I see it if it floats it's good....trust me, don't be fooled by the price tag of the kayak as it doesn't dictate a better craft.
  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Hello y'all...thank you so much for your advice! I'm in Western Michigan, so I doubt REI is around here, but I could check. Northern Michigan is big in outdoor stuff, so maybe I could make a little road trip. I appreciate your tips!
  6. askjeeves3

    askjeeves3 New Member

    take it easy starting out kayaking

    I was a total novice when I first step into a kayak and went for a trip but with an experienced guide. I had a two-day intensive course where I learnt solid techniques for manoeuvring, staying upright and rolling. If you want to do sea kayaking then I think you will need at least a two-week intensive course. Either way, remember it's not a race and it's sometimes best to learn slowly with a local club:)
  7. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    That's good advice, askjeeves. So is sea kayaking different than river kayaking? I'd love to hear what's different!
  8. tkmaxx

    tkmaxx New Member

    learn to swim first

    great tips all-round people but no one seemed to have mentioned swimming. You must know how to swim if you really want to do kayaking. Imagine your boat tipping over... If you do not know how to swim, you probably should not be trying your hand at kayaking because all the kayaking basics that you learn will be useless, unless and until you know how to swim.
  9. fotefote3

    fotefote3 New Member

    more kayaking tips

    the best tip I think I can share on this thread is bringing a friend on your travels. It's not only fun when you're with someone, but also kayaking with two or more helps ensure your safety on the water. If you run into trouble you'll have your buddy giving you a hand if you need it:)
  10. tandoori56

    tandoori56 New Member

    respect the river

    my to to all you wanna be kayakers is to respect the river. Even if you know the river and you think you are going to be safe... you must know that the river will be a different level to the last time you paddled, and things can happen that you wouldn't expect while on the river like getting trapped under a rock or tree.

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