Want to know something to do in Central NC?

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    Take a trip to Asheboro, NC. Ashboro is also known as the city of the North Carolina Zoo. And that zoo, which you likely have not heard about, is truly special. According to the zoo website, 700,000 people from over 100 countries visit the zoo.

    It's a natural habitat zoo with over 1,000 animals and over 200 species.

    Now, some may think if you've seen one zoo you've seen them all. Not true.

    The NC zoo in Asheboro ranks with some of the finest, including the San Diego zoo.

    According to the website, "The Zoo’s African Pavilion will display African Violets and other colorful members of the Gesneriad family throughout the month of October."

    Do your self a favor and take a side trip to Asheboro.

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