Water Festival in Cambodia

Discussion in 'Cambodia' started by AnnaMelling, Apr 9, 2017.

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    Hey guys, has anyone joined the water festival in Cambodia? This festival often takes place in the middle of April. Last year, I had a really fun drastic water fight in Pattaya, ThaiLand. Southeast Asian countries celebrate water festival at the same time annually, so this year I want to come to the water festival in Cambodia. I consult the itinerary from the local agency ( Best of Cambodia Tours : Best deals Best of Cambodia Tours - BestPrice Travel ) but can someone help me to find out the interesting itinerary, how much time is enough to visit Angkor wat and everything in Cambodia? I took a flight from 11th - 17th April to enjoy water Festival from 13th - 15h. I am considering where or not coming to both Cambodia and Vietnam, 6days are enough for 2 countries ?

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