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Discussion in 'Spain' started by Bottlelittle, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Bottlelittle

    Bottlelittle New Member

    I am looking for info on transportation in Barcelona besides car rental, and what the best way to get around the city is..we're going to Barcelona this summer and plan to see lots of museums, hit the beaches, etc;.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Besides car rental, there is the Barcelona Metro, ferries, and buses. Buses (called Aerobus) in particular are very cheap in Barcelona and a great way to reach the city from the airport.

    Either way, no matter how you travel, transportation in Barcelona won't break your bank.One word of warning, it gets very hot in Barcelona in the summer so do use the air-conditioned Metro rather than walking between attractions.

    Also, consider purchasing the Barcelona card rather than paying for individual fares since you'll get unlimited travel for a specific number of days.
  3. Aaron_Carter

    Aaron_Carter New Member

    The first things according to me is locate your accommodation in order to choose the right and cheap transportation for you. Despite the many cheap flats Barcelona, its important to know when to use different way of transportation, because the temperatures can kill you "on foot" during the summer seasons. I know that every tourist wants to explore deeper the Barcelona culture, but sometimes its better to avoid such a trip or to check the weather conditions.
    Anyway, there are many ways for transportation: rent-a-car, ferries and buses, which are not that expensive.

    Regards, Aaron
  4. julietita

    julietita New Member

    Right now, the weather is just great; why dont you rent a bike and explore Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is just great (an healthy :) )
  5. strange fruit

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  6. bizflats0

    bizflats0 New Member

    There are many ways to travel and visit places in Barcelona. You can go by public buses, train, hire a car or go by walknig.

    But travelling by metro train is the best way, as you can travel and visit most of the major sities in Barcelona.Barcelona has a clean, punctual, air-conditioned metro system. The metro is especially useful in the summer when it can be quite hot to walk everywhere.
  7. pjck

    pjck New Member

    Barcelona transport is a disgrace

    Last time I spent two hours underground.

    First of all I tried to get with my family from Santa Susanna to Barcelona. So I asked for a family ticket that lets me use all means of public transport in the city. I was given one. But when i tried to change trains in Barcelona I was told it is a wrong one and I have to pay something extra.
    So I paid - for a daily family ticket for all transport. I left subway, visited some place and tried to catch some bus. When I showed the ticket I was told by driver it is a wrong one and next bus will take me. When it came I was told it is a wrong one...
    I came back underground then and tried to board the subway. I was told it is a wrong ticket and I need to buy something more...

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