Weather and packing for Guatemala trip in March

Discussion in 'Guatemala' started by mysharonany, Jan 1, 2008.

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    My husband and I are going to Guatemala in March for 17 days.

    As we plan on going back again either later on in the year or next year, we are limiting our destinations so we can spend more time in less places and try and get a better feel for them.

    We will be spending 9 days in Antigua (and will do day trips from there as well) and will be in two different towns in Atitlan. We think San Marcos and Panajachel.

    I was wondering about the weather and how to pack for this time of year. I have ordered some quick dry underwear, socks, shorts and tops so hopefully I won't have to take more than two of each and thankfully will be able to pack light. We will also pack rain ponchos, but what about the cold? And pants vs. shorts? There will be no "dress up" for this trip so only Teva's, flip flops and hiking boots are necessary . . .whew!!

    We currently live in Costa Rica so I don't have much heavier clothing with me. I will be back in the states in 2 weeks and pick up anything else that I need. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Also, any other helpful hints or suggestions for our trip would be great. We are getting soo excited!!

    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!!

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