weather in Dominican Republic in May

Discussion in 'Dominican Republic' started by weeehe, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. weeehe

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    Anyone planning to travel to Dominican Republic in May should know that the weather is very hot and humid. It hardly rains during this month other than for 20 mins or so once in a while. The rainy season typically runs between October and March.
  2. Buckd

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    Dominican Republic has a tropical weather so rain is always something to expect, though in May the rainfalls are short. Hurricane season does start in June and lasts until November so May is a good month.I personally prefer going there in November, at the end of hurricane season, to enjoy better deals.
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    Best time of year to go to Dominican Republic

    Hurricane season is from May to November so most people travel from mid December to end of march, though the driest months of the year are between April and August. Saying all of this, the beaches are less crowded in Aug-October, which it's when I travel even though is hurricane season.

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