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Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by HanoiDylanHotel, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. HanoiDylanHotel

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    It is getting cold in Hanoi from Dec to March. Pls take your warm clothes and jeans.But this is the best time to visit Hanoi so do not miss your chance to have a great vacation.
  2. awsone

    awsone New Member

    cold in Hanoi in winter

    I definitely agree that if you plan to travel in winter to bring proper winter jumpers and rain jackets. It's certainly getting colder each winter in Hanoi. I have been several times to Hanoi in the past, I remember the weather in Hanoi in winter being mostly dull and grey, but not cold at all. However, in winter last year Hanoi got its coldest winter ever...around 10 C's. It may not sound like much but 10 degrees in Hanoi really felt cold because it's windy and damp (the cold will seep under your skin and into your bones).
  3. Markbretton

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    weather in Hanoi is unpredictable in winter

    yes, don't make the mistake of assuming that is always hot in Vietnam or southeast Asia. For the most part, the weather is absolutely gorgeous but in winter the weather is hard to predict (especially in Hanoi). One minute is warm, the next it feels like freezing cold. Good advice is to bring clothing that you can layer so you will be prepared.
  4. Nofear333

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    Autumn in Hanoi is best

    Forget about traveling to Hanoi during the monsoon, you will hate it trust me! Anytime between september and November is a good time...i think the autumn is the best time to visit Hanoi because it's so cool and you wont feel hot and stuffy. Do carry still rainy jackets, 1 or 2 sweaters and walking boots to visit the colorful markets located in the mountainous area of Sapa.
  5. Liger Travel

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    The most pleasant weather to visit Hanoi is from January to April and September to December avoiding the heat and the rain.

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