Weather in Malta in May/June

Discussion in 'Malta' started by hDready, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. hDready

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    Planning to travel to Malta at the end of May, beginning of June? I can tell you the weather is nice this time around of year. It won't be super hot like in July but very pleasant, lovely and sunny. In fact, it does get a little breezy in the evenings, so no sweaty nights. Daytime temperature will be around 28 degrees and 15 degrees at night.
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    Go To Malta in June

    I have to say that Malta is best enjoyed in late May or June because the weather is just is warm but not too hot. May temperatures hover around 20C while in June is around 25C. Of course, in July/August the temperature jumps to about 30C, which is nice but it's way to crowded for my liking.
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    The weather is normally hot in june but like the last poster said not unbearable (it does get a little cool in the evenings so bring a little jacket). Most cafes, shops, restaurants have air conditioning anyways which is nice. July and August is very hot and not as bearable and overall busier and not as nice if you have issues with hordes of people.

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