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  1. jigaPatel

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    What are the most popular wedding cruises for travelers in the states and how do we get the best deals on cruises? any suggestions ?thanks
  2. VacationBuddy

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    hi there,

    Some of the most popular wedding cruises are places such as Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean because of their close proximity to the states.

    All of these places enjoy lovely sun all year around, and in order to get the best deals on cruises to these places, you need to book your wedding package well in advance, as many of the most popular wedding cruise companies do fill up.

    Overall, I would say to try and book 6-12 months in advance and also booking toward the beginning or the end of the "busy" season, rather than during the busy season, to benefit from the best rates.

    Hope this helps
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    One thing that I admire about wedding coordinators on cruises is that they always manage to keep it romantic and just like the way that the couples like it. I have heard of a lot of stories on how nervous the couple were before the wedding as they handled all of their transactions and decision making through the internet. They would choose the flowers and other decorative stuffs like food through the internet with people they haven't even met before. But it all goes well for them.

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