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Discussion in 'Canada' started by playmor, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. playmor

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    My Girlfriend is insisting me to arrange our wedding in Niagara Falls Canada, it's her dream and no idea where shall i start ? any one in canada direct me to make arrangements for my wedding?

    please advise on the following:

    1) wedding coordinators who will do all the arrangements

    2) any cheap wedding packages, anybody have done wedding there?

    3) places for honeymoon - suggest some good place for my honeymoon

    also, you guys can also suggest a perfect month and weather to arrange my wedding in Niagara Falls Canada,

    I hope that anyone out there would direct me in a perfect way.

    Thank you
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Niagara Falls is a wonderful wedding location offering wide variety of wedding venues. The wedding company called Niagara Falls view weddings is a reliable one and they offer various wedding packages such as Bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The package price starts from $649 CDN up to $2549 CDN depends upon the needs. Even you can call them on 1-866-325-5785 and they will assist you according to your budget.

    Combining both wedding and honeymoon is a good idea- welldone playmor:). As well as for wedding, Niagara Falls is a perfect destination for romantic honeymoons. After your wedding just relax and drive 20 minutes north to Niagara on the Lake and find Ontario, one of the prettiest town which is having wineries and wonderful attractions. I suggest this would be a perfect place for your honeymoon.

    You no need to worry about the month since Niagara Falls can be spectacular year around. If you want particularly then choose from mid May until mid September, the weather will be good.

    Have a nice wedding and honeymoon at Niagara:).
  3. playmor

    playmor New Member

    many thanks for the useful response. can anyone suggest some other good places for our honeymoon other than Ontario, just i would like to know some more to choose one among them, looking forward for some more.
  4. del59

    del59 New Member

    hi playmor, why don't you choose Vancouver and have your honeymoon there. Vancouver is really a fabulous city and offering romantic time for couples. You can do so many things during your honeymoon in Vancouver including candle light dinner on the beach, spa, boat cruise at night and a romantic sleigh ride at a local mountain. Spend your time and enjoy your honeymoon! Best wishes!
  5. annie2

    annie2 New Member

    hello playmor,

    my yelder sister had her honeymoon in Bannf recently and she said that it's a beautiful place to suggest. Whether you and your beloved one want to ski by day, cuddle up by a fire by night or explore caves then Banff is the perfect choice, have a nice&romantic honeymoon in Bannf!
  6. patriciamd

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    How romantic! I never did thought of holding my wedding in Niagara Falls. Post some pictures afterwards, ok?

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