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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by swrdy, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Stayed in the MGM Grand for 5 nights from the 12th-17th May and could not fault anything about his fantastic hotel as all staff were very friendly and courteous. The room was a fair size with very comfortable beds which we were very thankful for after each day. What was also good was the location of the monorail as it made travelling up and down the strip very easy and comfortable as being from Scotland, heat is not something we are not used to so some air conditioning was a godsend.

    Our nightlife consisted of Amazing Johnathon, Penn & Teller and Spamalot and all were worth the money and we would gladly see them again. We ate in several restaurants such as ESPN Zone, House of Blues, Cheesecake Factory and Hooters and loved the food in them all and the view in Hooters did help as well!

    Through the day we spent most of our time checking out the strip although one day we did manage to catch some baseball with the Las Vegas 51's playing at home which was great seeing live and another day we went on a shooting range and got to fire some real weapons which was a blast as I've always wanted to fire a Magnum .44 and got to feel like Dirty Harry for at least a day. We also did all the rides on the strip with our particular favourites being the X-Scream on top of the Stratosphere and the Roller Coaster at NY-NY.

    Vegas is like a drug in the system so we are now doing some cold turkey back in not so sunny Scotland but I'm sure after a while I'll be back for some more Vegas action so please go see the sights and lights of Sin City if you get the chance as it is a site to behold and remember for the rest of your life.
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    Indubidably...first "hit" is on me....nice report
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    great trip report swrdy! i'm glad to hear you guys enjoyed Vegas!

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