Wee Bro's 30th

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by swrdy, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Coming to Vegas with my weel bro for his 30th Bday (16th May) and have left it free in our social calendar so where/what do you suggest we could do to make it that little bit special for him?
  2. ryder

    ryder New Member

    Are you his brother or sister??? That could be the difference between suggesting Gondola boatrides at the Venetian to suggesting a variety of strip joints!
  3. everyann

    everyann Guest

    I say hit up the Stratosphere's Big Shot ride. The ride allows you to experience what 4Gs feels like going from 921ft to 1,081 feet in the air. Ain't nothing like seeing your life flash before you to make you feel young, right? [​IMG]
  4. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    Well, since you posted this in the nightlife and afterhours section, I don't think you were looking for gondolas or amusement rides (well, of that kind..hmm)....so, this look slike a job for me. Are you looking for what to do on what nights of the week or specifically for the 16th of May, which looks like a Wed night?

  5. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    For starters I'm his big bro (married) and I would probably go for things to do on the 16th (or night of the 15th after Spamalot) as some of the other nights are taken up for shows and we will be doing all the rollercoasters/rides during our stay. Did the Big Shot the last time I was in town and can't wait to try out the new ones. Us Scots do like to drink if that's any help lol.
  6. joe

    joe Guest

    I had heard that ;)

    I was actually going to recommend Spamalot but it sounds like you're already going. As for nighttime drinking action, I'll have to defer to VegasEd since that's more his area of expertise.
  7. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    Hey, what am I a lush? I represent, er, resent that!

    Um, let's see....

    May 15th is a Tuesday, so the basics are either go to PURE at Caesars or Studio 54 at MGM Grand (just began a new night called "influence" - my favorite peope work here, so I usually go there - if you would like for me to get you on the guest list for that night there, let me know)

    May 16th is a Wed...
    Tangerine at TI is still my fave place on a Wed...However, Tabu at MGM Grand is hosting "it" that night as well...best thing is start at Tangerine and then head to Tabu around 1 or so..

    Hope that helps!
  8. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Thnx for all the info so far people as I really want to make it special for my bro as yer only 30 once! I would really appreciate Ed if ye could see about my bro and I being on the guest list for Studio 54 as we are staying in the MGM Grand anyway (will have to buy ye some drinks if yer around). Quite like the look of Tangerine so may well check it out on the 16th if we are any fit state as I feel we may be doing some early bday drinks at the Double Down Saloon for starters!
  9. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    -No problem on the guest list...email me direct about two weeks before your trip

    -Ah, the Double Down...ask the bartender about the days of midget porn....quite a story...

    By the way, the new ultra lounge at the Wynn may be reopened by the time you go....It is replacing Lure...they may kick something up for the night you are at the Wynn anyway...I will no for sure closer to the date...touch base then

  10. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Thankyou very much Ed, looks like we may need another hol after this one with all the things we are gonna be up to but ye only live once I guess!
  11. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Hi Ed I don't know if you got my email concering Studio 54 but was just wondering if it was still possible to get on the guest list for th 15th so we could see in my lil bro's bday in style.

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