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Discussion in 'Guadeloupe' started by JacksonIn, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. JacksonIn

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    Which is the best isalnd to plan for a week-end trip in Guadeloupe - is Grande Terre or La Desirade? Just a relaxing trip, so quiet places with no crowds. Any suggestions/tips would be great.
  2. Andrew

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    I think La Desirade is a very good & pleasant place to spend your week-end. Grande-Terre is a nice place too, but not that much thigs to see & do. The La Desirade is situated only 10 km from Guadeloupe with beautiful beaches and a quiet environment. Grande Terre and Petite-Terre Islet in La Desirade are perfect places for diving & snorkeling.

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    Grande-Terre has some nice beaches such as Caravelle beach, Datcha beach, Bois Jolan beach, Ste Anne beach, Les Salines beach and the Blower beach. Ste Anne beach and Les Salines beach are my favourite beaches and perfect for week-end trips. You can swim all day long if you want, and take rest in one of the palm trees around these beaches. You can admire the wonderful surrounding, quiet environment as well as clear water and the food.

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