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    Hi All!

    Welcome to the Australia forum! From scuba diving to the Sydney Opera house, Australia has many great attractions to offer. If you have any questions about travel in Australia about getting around, popular attractions, shopping, etc. don't be shy to post. Or if you'd like to share some of your experiences in Australia, that'd be great too! We'll be sure to respond shortly.
  2. kaci

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    I spent quite a lot of time traveling both Australia and New Zealand (though they are quite different). I would reccommend for anyone planning a trip to go between October and February as the weather is much nicer. I thought one of the coolest things we did in Australia was bungi jump. AJ Hacket is the original king of bungi and has an empire of places to jump throughout the country. It can be a little pricey but in my opinion is well worth it. If anyone is looking for some other things to do and see let me know and I can give you my two cents. :)
  3. piccola75

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    you're lucky.. NZ is our next target!
  4. piccola75

    piccola75 New Member

    and eventually Canada and Alaska.. so many places
  5. glitch_gurl

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    I think it's the best time to travel North since it's winter in the Southern part of the country. :)
  6. TonyW

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    February can be pretty hot and feral. Most locals go south of where they normally live (if they can) Tasmania would be good!

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