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    Hello everyone,

    I am from Egypt, I like desert safari trip and I want to travel to Italy, can any one help me to visit an important desert in Italy, I have good experience in safari trips I traveled a lot in Egypt and visited many enjoyable sightseeing's like white and black desert, Labkha desert in Kharga Oasis, and the wonderful moment as Bagawat tombs, Hepis, Nadoura and, Ghoueta temples.

    One of the things which can I not forget in my trip in the western desert is the style of some hotels there and I am saying some not all because little is caring to make a harmony between the style and shape and the real atmosphere of the desert. I remember the hotels I visited there with domes and candles and lake to swim instead of pools………. Oh, yes and the hot spring too I really like it. In my visit to el Kharga I remember that I saw a new eco-lodge hotel they are building by mud and open domes and they have a very nice Bedouin nights and I saw a really good rooms looking for a very wonderful view I really like it which is sand dunes, hardly can remember the Hotel name but may be the name was (Bagawat Palace Hotel).. Sorry if I wrote it wrong.

    Now if any one can help me to find a go trip in Italy by the same atmosphere i wrote it above.

    Thanks for help
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    hi there,

    Italy has a couple of small desert like areas:

    The Accona Desert is a semi-arid region in Tuscany, and the Piscinas' Desert is a small sandy desert located in Sardinia. In fact, it is one of the biggest deserts of western Europe.

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