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Discussion in 'Travel Industry News' started by d360, Sep 2, 2011.

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    I actually ordered online all of the W bedroom items from the hotel room, and everything arrived within a few days. I got 20% off everything sale going on and that helped to save a lot. By the way, if you insist on Westin bed, you may redeem your spg points for an American Express Westin card, which you may redeem at the westin store. The exchange rate is horrible though, at about $1 per 100 points. So, for a $1000 heavenly bed, it would cost you 100,000 points
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    Hmm...this is really interesting. It's good to hear about WaterScott's experience. I'm sure it's nice stuff, but I suspect I could do better at a Macy's white sale. Does the gear have logos on it? Is it easy to know it's from Westin?
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    Westin Store products not good

    I wouldn't buy any products from Westin Store because the staff they sell isn't aren't identical to the stuff in the hotel so it's a complete rip off . Westin uses a company called Hotels at Home to purchase the linens. Westin rebrands normal, high-count sheets to the Westin Heavenly Bed line and charge twice the price. I suggest buying elsewhere where you'll have the same heavenly bed at 1/2 the price and with better customer service.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll be sure to pass it along.

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