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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by Merrylegs, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Hey yall,

    My trip into Vegas last week was one of mostly business and very little pleasure. Let's talk business first.

    Went to the WEVA convention. If there's anyone out there that knows what that stands for, I'll give you a smilie icon shoutout on the next post I do. WEVA has taken a small drop in numbers, but most of the people I needed to network with were there at the Mandalay Bay convention room. Wasn't too impressed with the facilities, other than its enormity (which is nothing I'm used to but probably par for Vegas). You really can't call these places casinos (or hotels) anymore. They're more like cruise liners stuck on land. Anyhow, since there was about 3 hours to spare before my flight out, some co-workers and I decided to check out NY, NY.

    Now to the pleasure. NY, NY was alright. We ate at some Italian restraunt. I had the lasagna, which didn't settle well (now, we're really having fun). Then the team decided the best way to live it up is to ride the rollercoaster. This didn't seem like a good idea, but who wants to be the coward? The rollercoaster at NY is pretty good considering its a casino rollercoaster. Definitely way over priced at 12.50, but that's Vegas, I guess. There were two big drops, one loop, one barrel roll (that's hard on your neck), a cork screw and some lame stuff in between rounding out about a 4 minute ride (not including the slow creep to the top).

    Next stop, ESPN Zone, still in NY. Beer and appitizers before the departure home. Good way to "end" a rather blah day.

    So, Vegas in under 8 hours is not great, but better than most short business trips.
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    I confess I had to lookup what WEVA was so I won't give it up. Tell me you didn't eat at the Il Fornaio and it was so so? They usually have a pretty good plate. The idea of eating so-so Italian and then getting on the Rollercoaster sounds like you're a brave one.

    Did you get to the Mandalay Pool or Pool Bar? that is always one of my top picks at Mandalay.
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    Thanks for the trip report...

    I keep track of the conventions in Vegas, so I know WEVA stands for the Wedding and Event Videographers Assn....I saw it on the schedule last week...

    Vegas holds three of the top 10 convention centers in the country including Mandalay Bay, the Sands Convention Center and the LVCC...so yes, MBCC is one of three in town...but the magnitute of Vegas in the convention center industry is enormous

    Although NYNY is fun, you spent too much time there for only 8 hours of time...but that is certainly understandable when you are with a group of business associates as well...proximity to where you are is an element taken into consideration...otherwise you are just trying to coordinate a group of people moving around a city, you don't know alot about....but you can mark NYNY off you list now (with the exception of not seeing Zumanity or going to Nine Irishmen


  4. VegasEd

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    My top pics at MB are Trattoria del Lupo (Wolfgang Puck), Border Grill and the House of Blue's Foundation Room high a top the hotel with the outdorr patio overlooking the strip! (members only, but open to the public on Monday Nights. In fact, with rumjungle, Forty Deuce, Mix and Foundation Room, MB has been know to be THE place to go on Mondays, until recently when JET (Mirage) began it's industry night.


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