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Discussion in 'Kazakhstan' started by ZZZder, May 10, 2013.

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    After traveling there just a few months ago, I have to say that Almaty and the country at large isn't what I expected. Forget about what negative stuff you may have read because Almaty is wonderful. Not many people speak English in Almaty but more people speak English there than any other city in Kazakhstan. There can be a bit of a language barrier when you arrive in Almaty but people are always nice if you respect them.
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    I worked at the embassy there for almost 5 years I would very much agree with the comment above. People are sure friendly and willing to help and while English is not commonly spoken but in the expat environment English is spoken by every local person who is involved with expats. The nightlife scene is decent with expats hanging out at the vogue bar or alike. any bar or restaurant is full of beautiful, young, educated, intelligent women and men.
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    there's surprisingly a fairly big expat community in Almaty..It's a great city overall and the public transport system is fairly good. You can catch the bus, trolley bus or tram almost anywhere in the city and they're cheap. I suggest learning a bit of Russian before going there to know the street names and/or to barter with drivers and locals.

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