What are some interesting facts about Australia?

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  1. wanderer

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    Hello! I'd love to swap some facts about the cool place! I have a couple, what can you add?

    Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, just behind Russia.

    More than 70 percent of the population lives in its biggest cities.

    Australia is the world's largest producer of wool and beef.
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    interesting facts about Australia

    #Australia is the world's sixth largest country but the population is one of the smallest.
    #Australia was originally called ‘New South Wales’.
    #The most popular sports in Australia are Australian Rules Football, rugby league and soccer (football).
    #Sydney is the most populous city in Australia.
    #Australia was a former prison island

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    Re: interesting facts about Australia

    There is another sport called Cricket and it is as popular as rugby. Those are the two most watched and liked in Australia.
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    more facts about Australia

    some cool facts about Ozzy land..here there are some more:

    >The plain black box flight recorder was invented in Australia
    >Eucalyptus comes from Australia
    > Australia is the only continent without an active volcano.
    >Melbourne used to be called Batmania
    >Australia is home to the world's most poisionous snake and spider
  5. alansteve548

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    Footy is the popular game liked by the Australians. And one more thing one of the biggest country in the world living non natives.
  6. wanderer

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    Wow, thanks for sharing everyone! I've sure learned a lot of about this amazing country!
  7. TheExpert

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    Thanks to everyone specially freddi01 and yumakan2 for sharing such amazing facts about this cool place. I would love to visit there.
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    fun interesting facts about Australia

    One interesting fact about Australia is that it's referred to as "The Island Continent". 5 other facts that I know of include:

    1. Australia was once a British penal colony
    2. Basic currency are huge cans of beer
    3. Pubs occupy more land than the mines
    4. Australians love meat pies
    5. Zoos have no cages!

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