What are the best destinations for solo travelers?

Discussion in 'Vacations' started by wanderer, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I'll admit it, I like to travel by myself. I don't have to go on everyone's schedule, and I can go do what I want. What places have you (or would you) travel on your own?
  2. GereIam

    GereIam New Member

    traveling solo around the world

    same here...there is nothing better than having the freedom to choose where to go, when to go and what to do. Saying this, i don't like traveling solo everywhere overseas...places i like are southeast asia, japan, morocco, and europe.
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Thanks for your suggestions! I've always wanted to go to Morocco...I love their food and would like to experience it in person.
  4. melliset

    melliset New Member

    I am not in favor of traveling alone but I recommend you to go to New Zealand. As the place is free from any vices, so you can travel alone easily.
  5. Lazarus1

    Lazarus1 New Member

    solo travel ideas

    solo travel can be fun since you will get a better chance to contact with the local people. I think it'll be a great experience to travel alone, but beware of possible downsides. You can pretty much travel to most places in the world but places like peru, belize, southeast asia are sound choices for solo travel.
  6. supasupa

    supasupa New Member

    solo travel in Asia

    I've been to Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, etc..I love traveling solo to that part of the world, though it isn't as too much of a deal these days because of mass tourism. Still, better make sure you are not a shy person...solo travel is really for extremely out going people imo. People are generally friendly and easy to approach wherever you go, just remember to be polite.
  7. AgnesRiley

    AgnesRiley New Member

    I always prefer to travel solo cause I don't like to depend on another person's schedule. I've been all over Europe on my own, as well as in Thailand, Japan and Egypt. I should say that in Egypt (this was a few years back) there were times when I felt less than comfortable as a woman travelling alone, and if I were to visit another country in the area, I might prefer to do it with someone else.
  8. jacinthemilton

    jacinthemilton New Member

    If you are nature lover and wants to have some adrenaline rush activities I suggest you to travel Australia or Thailand. They have a number of adrenaline rush stuff there where you can challenge yourself to try and enjoy the whole trip.
  9. africauntamed

    africauntamed New Member

    I believe for any kind of travel destination Africa is best place. For solo too you can enjoy this beautiful place. Africa is not only famous for birds and animals. Rather there are so many beaches where you can spent your lovely time with yourself only.
  10. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Excellent suggestion...I might travel one with a tour company if you're planning to head to Africa by yourself. They can secure some good accommodations and activities that would be good for a solo traveler.
  11. alnahdaresort

    alnahdaresort New Member

    I have been solo traveler and the experience is not so good or not so bad. It's fun but sometimes feel alone. I would say nice to travel solo but not excellent.
  12. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I totally agree with you. I love the ability to go where I want when I want, but sometimes it's a bummer not to have anyone with you. I am making a big road trip to Georgia next week and driving by myself...I sure wish I would have two drivers for my long trip to Atlanta.

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