What are the best neighborhoods in LA

Discussion in 'California' started by packngo3, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I have a question for the forum world. What are the best neighborhoods in LA? I hear that Santa Monica is a cool place to hangout, and would definitely like to hit Hollywood at some point. Any tips on other neighborhoods or specific attractions would be cool. Thanks in advance for any info!
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    best neighborhoods in Los Angeles

    I lived in Long Beach for three years and loved it there every single day. If you plan to live there downtown Long Beach has the most urban feel, the train, and very walk able streets, though it's got lots of lame places mixed in with a few cool ones and the people are an odd mix of hipster, tattoo-wearing and lame-o corporate.

    Other neighborhoods in LA include Santa Monica & Venice, Silverlake and Los Feliz which is an upscale neighborhood great for families with kids.


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