What are your favorite restaurants in Vegas?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Restaurants and Buffets' started by d360, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. d360

    d360 Administrator

    mine is Little Buddha ( Pacific Rim, sushi and traditional Chinese dishes)
  2. TravelGirl

    TravelGirl Moderator

    My favorite is hands down Nobu at Hard Rock, and my fave dish is definitely the Yellow Tail Tartar with Caviar…Yum Yum!
  3. DisneyNut

    DisneyNut New Member

    Do they still have the places that offer really cheap food? When I went with my parents we got dinner for like .99 each. This was regular, not using any kind of players cards and stuff.
  4. ACHotelExperts

    ACHotelExperts New Member

    One of my favorite restaurantsin LV is at the Venetian, it's called Valentino, my fav is the Ahi Tuna - crusted in almonds with an orange flavored foam, Off the Charts!
  5. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Top of The World is a fave of mine and I do like America in NY/NY (you can tell I'm a tourist). Gonna be heading back soon so will check out some more places to eat for ye's.
  6. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    Some of mine are:

    N9NE Steakhouse for turf
    Aquaknox for surf
    PK Changs for lettuce wraps
    Trattario del Lupo for Italian
    Burger Bar for gourmet burgers
    Nothing beats an IN N OUT! ha!

  7. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    I thought planning what to do would be the problem but now it's where to eat as I was thinking of grabbing a bite near to what show we are going to see so if ye could tell us what is best around AJ, P&T and Spamalot I'd be very grateful.
  8. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    What is AJ?
    Does P&T mean Penn & Teller?

    FYI, please respond ASAP or PDQ...by the way, XYZ!

  9. everyann

    everyann Guest

    AJ = Amazing Jonathan?[​IMG]
  10. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Yeah sorry about that but yes it means both Penn & Teller and Amazing Johnathan.
  11. jakefxwd

    jakefxwd New Member

    we go tto lv twice a year and one of our favorite buffet is the wynn's the aladdin was good but now that they are renovating it stay away until it is finished total kaos
  12. Racefamily

    Racefamily New Member

    We stayed at the Paris for our trip earlier this month...... the breakfast buffet at Paris is to die for!! We didn't have any discount coupons for it...so we paid the regular price of $13.99/person. I just can't say enough about the food and the atmosphere.
    Omlets made to order, crepes made to order, all the regular stuff you could possibly want plus MORE!! Eggs prepared like 5 different ways, quiche, french pastries (YUM !!!!).....you eat breakfast here...and I guarantee you won't need anything else all day....well maybe till that night anyway!
  13. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Where would I best be going to get a nice juicy medium/rare steak? I do like a good steak every now and then to clog the arteries.
  14. Conti

    Conti New Member

    I understand what you mean about a good steak. I never had a good steak growing up so now it's one of my favorite things to eat. Anyways..

    I don' t have much to add except for make sure you go to a few buffets. That's what I plan to do this summer.
  15. world trecker

    world trecker New Member

    Hugo's Cellar for a good steak. It's in the downtown area, so you'll have a good excuse to leave the strip for an evening. It's located in the Four Seasons. Just...don't go looking for their website cause it's nowhere near as nice as their steak.
  16. swrdy

    swrdy New Member

    Cool, we are going to be heading downtown for one of our nights so will be sure to check it out. If anyone knows of any other restaurants that are good that way then let me know.

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