what currency Jamaica uses?

Discussion in 'Jamaica' started by township, Dec 10, 2014.

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    Jamaica uses both Jamaican dollars and US dollars. However, if you are staying at a large hotel resort like Sandals or places like Rick's Cafe or Rockhouse, they normally only deal in US$. Outside of the tourist resorts in smaller place, Jamaicans deal in their own currency- JA$. The exchange rate now is 1 usd = 114 JA$. Either currency will work. Have a great time!!
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    Like the last poster says USD is widely accepted in Jamaica but if you are staying at independent properties you'll want to get some Jamaican currency. You can easily get Jamaican currency from an ATM machine once you get there. If you are staying in an all inclusive resort, you won't need local currency because tours, transfers and souvenirs will be quoted in USD.
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    exchange rate fees

    The exchange rate between Jamaican dollars and US$ change daily. Best to bring as many dollars as you can to avoid fees. Withdrawing money from ATMs fees is about 2%. Credit cards typically add 3%; while banks add around 5%.

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