What do you do on long flights?

Discussion in 'Travel News' started by maneehkapoor1, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. maneehkapoor1

    maneehkapoor1 New Member

    There are only a handful of things I can think of to do on flights

    1. read
    2. write
    3. sleep

    What do you do?
  2. tvOndemand

    tvOndemand New Member

    everytime i am on a long flight I make sure I get a seat-back tv and watch mtv shows and the occasional episodes of 30Rock I've already seen to keep me busy.

  3. ManuelMendez

    ManuelMendez New Member

    what to do on long flights?

    spot on maneeh! I always bring my own pillow onboard to get that extra bit of comfort I always need. Also, I sometimes bring onboard the Suduko and my iPod to kill some time..
  4. lappyHolmes

    lappyHolmes New Member

    hard to sleep on long flights

    All my long flights have been overnights which meant not being able to gaze out of the window...Sleeping? I always try but find it so difficult to sleep. It that doesnt work then, I watch the movie, stare at the ceiling, read the in-flight magazine, look at other passengers, etc.
  5. melliset

    melliset New Member

    Sleep is good. For some a train or a bus acts as a lullaby. But I can't sleep while traveling I prefer to see a movie on my laptop, read a book, listen to music. Talk to the person sitting next to you and you would not realize that you have reached your destination in no time.
  6. AmazingGrace

    AmazingGrace New Member

    my tips for long flights

    i can think of anything else other than the above....one thing though, I wouldn't wear jeans on a long flight, better be comfy. I find an elastic waist cotton trouser to be best but anything loosely and stretchy will do. Also, on long flights your feet may swell badly so it's a good idea to wear flight stockings and tidy flat sandals with velcro straps.
  7. AgnesRiley

    AgnesRiley New Member

    Definitely sleep, I always find it comforting because when I wake up again lots of hours have passed and I'm halfway through the journey. During the time I'm awake I'm usually too restless to read, so I mostly watch movies on my laptop. I find it a practical way to occupy big chunks of time.
  8. amiramo

    amiramo New Member

    yeah u cant do much other than the stuff mentioned above, just the reading would be the most important thing, i'd get a good interesting book, a story or something that will keep u interested for the longest time possible, i tried reading once on a flight work related books or non-fiction, just was soo bored.
  9. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I always read the silly catalog and dream about being the kind of person who has money to waste on Dog stairs and R2D2 butlers.
  10. antony

    antony New Member

    When ever i used to long flights i prefer to listen my favorite music list & mostly i used to sleep.
  11. holidayguy

    holidayguy New Member

    I always carry a book with me during long flight trips...then it seems like time is flying:)
  12. arzooindia

    arzooindia New Member

    I'm awake I'm usually too restless to read, so I mostly watch movies on my laptop.just the reading would be the most important thing, i'd get a good interesting book.I find it a practical way to occupy big chunks of time.
  13. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    I bring along a notepad and jot down ideas for projects I may be working on, ideas for articles to write, or plan out the budget. Just busy work with a pen and paper. Sketching is also a great way to be productive and pass the time. Reading is the back-up plan or books on tape which is better because I can plug in headphones and drown out any noise.
  14. karlinlee

    karlinlee New Member

    I always play game on my i-pad in the flight.
  15. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I am a sucker for the magazines and Sky Mall catalog. I've never give them the time of day at home, but if I'm stuck in an airplane seat, I find them interesting. On long flights, I even read the information about map routes, beverage service, and all that stuff.

    It's also important to move around a bit. It's easy to sit down for hours and hours on end, but that could have some ill effects on your health. If you can get up and walk every hour or so, that is really helpful. That can prevent blood clots and other problems that could develop on long flights.
  16. karlinlee

    karlinlee New Member

    Everytime when I travel in any flight, I spend most of my time with my i-Pad. I play puzzle and racing games on my i-pad.
  17. elementsrestaurant

    elementsrestaurant New Member

    Usually when I go on long flights, I sit lay down and sleep until we get to the destination. I would really want to sleep than to be awake, it only makes me dizzy and make fell like vomiting.
  18. Wanderled

    Wanderled New Member

    Whenever I have a long flight, I usually don't sleep the day before so that I can fall asleep on the plane! It makes the time pass by so much faster. Also, I'll watch any of the movies the airline puts on or take out my laptop and watch one of my own. Finally, I catch up on cleaning out files on my computer and organizing pictures from my previous trips.

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