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    As they say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But I had such a good time, I have to tell you about it!

    A friend of mine and I went to Vegas for 3 days. We got there around 9am and got our rental car. We took a drive down the strip to look at everything, and then went shopping at the outlet mall there. There was a bunch of sales and she loves to shop. A lot of stores were having sales with most items over 50% off. This outlet mall is on the southside of the strip past the interstate.

    We couldn't check in to our hotel (Luxor Hotel) until 3pm so we just killed time. Before we went to sleep on Saturday, we had been up for over 24 hours. We had to get up at 3am our time (12am Las Vegas) to catch our flight and we didn't get to sleep til after midnight Las Vegas time (3am our time) And each morning we had to get up at 6am, 5am, and 4:30am. No time to sleep in, time's awasting.

    The Luxor hotel was beautiful. We got lost several times because we didn't realize at first that the elevators were going sideways and we'd think we went straight up or down but we weren't at the same place just up or down but totally different place in the hotel. It took us a few elevator rides to get it down. There was still a lot of construction going on but I still walked around and saw the sites inside and outside of the hotel. Once the remodeling is done that place will be gorgeous. I entered to win Criss Angel's corvette so I'm expecting a phone call in Aug. 2009 so I can come claim my prize. LoL The pool was huge. There are actually 4 connecting pools and a jacuzzi for guests and even a private pool and jacuzzi for "paying guests" Whatever that meant. We stayed in the pyramid room and I can't remember how many times we bumped our heads on the window trying to look out or down. Word of advice....you will hit your head trying to look out slanted windows. LoL We never lost our hotel at night cause we always went by the stream of light going up in the sky.

    On a side note..what is that smell in Vegas??? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's like everywhere there???

    Saturday night we had tickets to go see *Chippendales* I surprised my friend with the show Saturday night, but we were late cause it took us over an half an hour to go 2 miles. We didn't get to sit where our tickets were for, so we sat over at the end of the stage by ourselves. Which was good cause when they ripped off their thongs and showed their butts, My friend about fell out of her chair and kicked over another chair. The girls behind us were laughing at her. After the show, we decided to go back on Sunday night and see the show and not be late. So we did. Sunday night, I was in the second row center stage table. One of the chippendales was eyeing me and being all seductive. Then he ripped off his wife beater and threw it to me. I caught it! LoL But they never pulled me up on stage. They missed out on a good lap dance from me! Haha I got a few pics with them after the show and at the Flirt Lounge. My goodness, them men are HOT! My friend was against male reviews cause the one she saw here in Orlando was very distasteful and just shoving their stuff all in your face, but *Chippendales* was entertaining and provacative without crossing any boundaries.

    Sunday, we took a plane trip to the Grand Canyon and spent the day. It was really pretty, but my legs were sore from hiking. We walked out on the Glass Skywalk and took some pictures. We visited Eagle Point and Guano Point. We did a lot of hiking up and down the rocks at Guano Point. We spent nearly 3 hours at the canyon before our flight back to Vegas. We were wanting to do a white water rafting trip down the river, but we were too pressed for time and ending up going kayaking instead.

    So, on Monday we took a kayaking trip down the Colorado River. It started at the base of the Hoover Dam and went 11 miles to Willow Beach. It was pretty, but tiresome. I did get bored a few times cause I was paddling by myself (I pretty much stayed ahead of the group cause I'm a bit more expereienced than they were). I ended up with a wierd sunburn on my legs...only half my thighs got burnt cause the other half was hidden by the kayak. I had me a waterproof camera to take some pictures. We got out and went inside the sauna cave which got up to 120 because you're actually inside a volcanic rock. We cooled off, or rather heated up, in the hot springs about half way through the trip. The river was actually 52 which I'm soo thankful I never flipped my kayak. I was looking for a mountain goat, and never saw one til the very end and then I saw a heard of them.

    Monday night I saw Criss Angel's live show *BeLIEve*. That man is gorgeous. The show was awesome but a bit twisted, but that's Criss. There are parts of the show when you're kinda wondering what's going on, but in hindsight, it all makes sense. He danced in the show and he was soo cute. At the end he sang *MindFreak* theme song. I stood up at the end to give him a standing ovation (not many stood) and he came to my side of the stage (3rd row from stage) and when he was over there I blew him a kiss and he blew one back. *AWWW* After being a fan for over 5 years, I finally made it to Vegas to see him. He was my main reason for going to Vegas. I didn't get to meet him or run into him in the hotel, but his live show was worth the trip alone. He did come out and meet people after his Saturday night show, but we were at the Chippendales show meeting them. LoL Not a bad substitution. LoL His show has been getting bad reviews, and it's because it isn't what people are expecting. They are expecting some sort of magic show or something along the lines of *MindFreak* and they are getting a Cirque du Soleil show with Criss as the main character. I have a new show for Vegas, just add *Chippendales* with Criss and oh help me! Now that would be a show worth seeing. LoL The tickets are a bit pricy, but they have to make up for the $180million production cost and the $200million contract Criss has for the show. I guess that's why the show is scheduled to run for 10 years. My friend swears she saw Criss on Sunday morning when she went downstairs to get her a cup of coffee. It was about 6am and she was sitting at the little cafe right in front of the BeLIEve theatre, and she said she saw this guy walk out with one security dude and she thought it was Criss, but she wasn't for sure. She's not a huge Criss fan and didn't want to go up to this guy and it not even be him. LoL And afterwards, she looked at a poster in the hotel for MindFreak and saw Criss on the poster and was certain the guy she saw was indeed Criss. Where was I??? Sound asleep in my bed on the 12th floor. LoL

    We left Vegas on Tuesday around 8am. We were supposed to get home around 5:30pm the day, but our plane leaving Vegas was delayed cause the ramp wouldn't retract so we couldn't leave, and we got to Los Angeles and our plane left us. There were about 10 of us headed to Orlando on that flight and they left us all. And to make it worse, the plane left EARLY. So then they put us on a flight to Denver, Colorado that was leaving in 3 hours. I ate lunch at the Los Angeles airport and it cost me $17 for a cheeseburger, fries and a drink at a semi-fast food place with no server. And then after a two hour flight to Denver, we had an hour layover til our flight home. Then it was a 3 hour flight home so we didn't get to Orlando til about 10:30pm. I tried to talk my friend into staying in Vegas another day or two, but she wanted to get home to see her kids. Can't blame her, but after spending the whole day flying all over the country, I wish we had stayed.

    I am planning on returning in March and hopefully I'll have more time to see the sites and some more shows.

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    Great Trip Report! Sounds like you had a blast!
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    Boy - sounds like you had a blast in Las Vegas! You accomplished alot in just 3 days!
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    Excellent post-trip report. Thank you for sharing.

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    Any more trips to Las Vegas since? I am not brave enough to walk on the Grand Canyon skywalk. My weak soul just cant take it, but the pictures are awesome. Check them out here.
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    Grand Canyon skywalk

    True...I agree the skywalk isn't for anyone scared of heights. I had a great time at the skywalk, and I would recommend everyone doing in the evening when sun isn't too bight and you will be able to see the beautiful shades of the Canyon. Also, there is less crowds at the skywalk at that time and it's kinda romantic if you ask me:)

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    What a great suggestion! Anytime the sun is setting and a place is less crowded, it's romantic. :)
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    Sounds like u had lots of fun... The glass walk sounds fab... I did a Helicopter Tour, was expensive but so worth it and I found a company in England that beats all other prices.

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