What happened to the Mississippi Queen & Delta Queen?

Discussion in 'Cruises' started by wanderer, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    Are you wondering what happened to the Mississippi Queen & Delta Queen?

    The two boats were really popular for river cruises, but the tough economy did the ship in. The MS. Queen is no longer with it. It was sold for scrap after the company folded in 2008. That's sad, but there is some hope. The Delta Queen has been reborn as the American Queen, which is now sailing the Mighty Miss again. There is a whole new chance to enjoy river cruises. Few expenses were spared in making the Queen one of the best and most luxurious ways to travel. It now sails the rivers of the south and midwest, from New Orleans to Pittsburgh.
  2. IronMann

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    miss the Mississippi Queen!

    We took a 10-day cruise on the Mississippi Queen back in June '02 and i still have great memories... I was crushed when this wonderful boat became scrap heap. I think the company running it made a mistake scrapping the Mississippi Queen. The people that would be interested in taking these types of trips are JUST beginning to retire. What a missed opportunity!
  3. RobZilla

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    last photos of the MQ

    it was def a sad day..apparently the official reason for scrapping it was too much mold and mildew inside the boat from 3 years of neglect, go figure! I did manage to take some last photos of the Mississippi Queen as she was towed to Southern Scrap in the Harvey Canal in New Orleans.

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    Thanks for sharing your photos, Rob, and your experiences IronMann. It is a shame they let such a majestic boat go to seed. It's especially sad since the economy is getting better and people are starting to travel again. River cruising is the hot way to travel, now too. I hope the newly christened American Queen does well.
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    I did see in the news that the American Queen made it's first journey and it was even christened by Priscilla Presley in Memphis.

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