what is going on in Dubai?

Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by swisstyle, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. swisstyle

    swisstyle New Member

    I wanted to know more about Dubai..I hear it is an expensive place to travel, is this true? Anyone been there or know of people planning a trip?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Dubai is an amazing place to travel. If you look at the attractions there like the world islands, palm islands, etc. It is expensive but I went there I couldn't how unbelievable the place is!

    Another thing most people don't realize is that Dubai has a great nightlife and it's a great place to live, despite what you may hear on the news.
  3. caramel101

    caramel101 New Member

    yeah dubai is an amazing place to be in, i was there few years ago and loved it! nice clean sandy beaches,clean sea water where you can see fishes swimming about when you're standing in the water, amazing experience i had! night life was good and so was the food, weather and the whole amosphere.
    defiently a place to visit not forgeting everything is tax free! the marketfor dubai is downa t the moment but slowly is getting there.
    would advise anyone that hasn't been to go check it out
  4. BlackEyes

    BlackEyes New Member

    Well if you are thinking of all the high class places in Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa, them it will definitely be that expensive. However, there are actually a lot of cheap places that you can head to to enjoy Dubai.
  5. caramel101

    caramel101 New Member

    certainly dubai is a nice place to live and for all the shoppers its TAX FREE!!! i loved it when i went dubai, clean beaches, clean sea,clean environment, not really much litter or rubbish to be seen anywher, the shoping malls are outstanding, dubai is getting back on the market but progressing quite slow at the moment, i advise anyone who hasn't been to dubai to go and enjoy themselves and soak up some sun! :D
  6. travelabroad

    travelabroad New Member

    When you say tax free, does it mean that items, products at Dubai are cheaper compared to other countries?

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