What is the average cost of travelling around Australia?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by ashleysoutter, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. ashleysoutter

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    People often prefer tours in Australia as they save lots of time in planning and searching. For average cost of travelling include(time saving and money saving) what will be sutaible.
  2. bit-less

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    booking tours in Australia?

    yeah, I agree! Australia is one of those places where you just can't explore by yourself without having knowledge of the land. The Australian Outback is one such area where you really have to be prepared for when exploring...even local guides don;t take lightly venturing right into the desert areas so that tells you something. Anyways, with tours you get local guides, transportation, and sometimes meals so they work out best.
  3. saved-by-the-bell

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    bushwalks in Australia

    Aussie land is definitely no walk in the park...if you plan to do lots of bushwalks be sure to wear long trousers and boots, otherwise, you can risk being bitten poisonous snake or insects. If you do get bitten make sure you tie a tight bandage around it and get yourself to a hospital asap.
  4. JohnConstantine

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    hiking around Australia

    that's true about snakes, though you also have to watch out for crocodiles in the water. If you do, watch for warning signs because you may be diving into a river or lake infested with crocs. Also, drink plenty of water and carry at least one litre for every hour you expect to be bushwalking.
  5. pelotaMadera

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    budgeting for Australia

    Costs for fuel vary wildly across the Australian states. The NT and WA are the most ridiculously expensive. On top of that prices shoot up as soon as you leave the populated coastal areas anywhere.

    So what any stage of the trip costs you depends where you are...

    The length of your trip won't be limited by the amount of time that your money lasts, but by the amount of kilometres you can buy. The slower you are moving on from one place to the next, the longer your money will last, know what I mean?

  6. OportoKL

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    used about $11,000

    last year i did a 10 week trip around australia and used about $11,000 aussie dollars with my family, so it wasn't cheap. Booking in advance hotels is good but tours are best booked while in the country to save you money. I should let you know our trip started in Melbourne but Sydney would also a good starting point in the country....good luck
  7. peterlee

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    Australia is not cheap country and if you want to enjoy each thing then you have to loose your wallet. No doubt, travelling to Australia is not so cheap but one can make a budget tour if he take care of some little things. Some of these are transport like use public transport and accommodation.

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