What kind of luggage to you love?

Discussion in 'Vacations' started by wanderer, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    A good bag makes all the difference, especially when lugging them through the airports. I have this spiffy carry-on bag that has a plastic body and a telescoping handle, all on wheels. I suspect it's a knock-off since it was purchased at a small store in Bangkok. But I love it nonetheless.

    How about you. What do you bring with you on every trip?
  2. wizardofOZ

    wizardofOZ New Member

    i love my sansonite

    when it comes to luggage i never skimp..I own both a Samsonite and Antler luggage and these two are superb for mu holidays and business trips. I love their designs and the fact that they're light and durable means, I couldn't care less what the baggage people do to it. I hear they seat on them and throw them around..never knew the airport was such a playground (lol)
  3. trologger

    trologger New Member

    best luggage for traveling

    dont know what to say about buying expensive designer luggage...I always panic it may get stolen at the conveyor belt or get torn off the customs. The most I have spent on a luggage was $50 (Atlantic Pro) and i still have it after 3 years and had no problems. I hear that the Victorinox duffel bag is great but i wouldnt spend $160 for one..
  4. phantonmenace

    phantonmenace New Member

    packing tips

    Traveling is for me a bit of an issue because I tend to overpack and pretty much take everything with me on every trip. I want to carry on only what i need but i find it so hard not to over pack Does anyone find the same issue? How do you guys fit all of your stuff in your suitcase?
  5. travelabroad

    travelabroad New Member

    Usually I take 1 samsonite luggage and 1 hand carry bag where all my valuables are safe with me.
  6. melliset

    melliset New Member

    Whenever I an on vacation, I prefer to carry my stuff in a backpack instead of a suitcase.
  7. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    That's a smart way to travel, especially if you have a lot of walking to do when you travel--or you have to climb a lot of stairs at the hotel. Do you have a hiker's backpack or more like a school bag?
  8. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    I have good advice on how to pack well--cubes. I bought some from ebags and they're amazing. They're zippable rectangular pouches and you can stuff them pretty tight. And then they stack so nicely into your suitcase. And once you arrive, you can pull one out and put it right into the dresser or pack one for the beach. I would bet I can get almost twice as much in my suitcase when I use those. Best $30 I've ever spent for packing.

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