What languages do they speak here?

Discussion in 'Luxembourg' started by wanderer, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    I was checking into a trip to Belgium and thought maybe I should add on Luxembourg. I see that it has the official languages of German, French, and Luxembourgish. What do most people speak? Would I get by okay just knowing French if I visited Luxembourg?
  2. JeroninomFG

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    official languages of luxembourg

    last time i checked, Luxembourg had three official languages, which are french, german and luxembourgish language, which is also a high german language along with french (believe it or not). So there, German or french will get you by, but not so much english though many people speak it. Also, you will find that near the German border most people will switch to German easily, while in the south border, french is more the common language.
  3. Axxo

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    working in Luxembourg

    dont worry about not speaking French or German. In Luxembourg most people speak English so as a tourist you will ok. However, if you plan to live there it'll be a whole ball game since at work people communicate in their native languages. In fact, if you only speak English it might be a disadvantage to getting a job since none really likes hiring someone who cant speak their language.
  4. RaulGonzalez

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    When you're planning to travel there Wanderer? You will get by very well in Luxe if you speak French. English is ok too, but you wont really get to learn the culture and communicate with people. Regarding of what other people say, people in Luxe aren't so kin on foreigners just speaking English. Anyways, also know the weather is not very good there..it always rains and it's cloudy. A bit like England..lol
  5. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Thanks for all your great advice! My cousin and I are looking to take a fancy trip sometime next year. We both speak some French and I love Belgium, so I was looking into going to this area. And since I haven't been to Luxembourg...it looks really appealing. I was thinking about the spring. Raul, when does it warm up? I can handle some rain. :)

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