what to do if flight to Bequia is fully booked

Discussion in 'St Vincent and the Grenadines' started by Bantonman, Jan 20, 2014.

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    If you travel to Bequia via Barbados and your flight connection is fully booked you can either spend the night in Barbados then get the next flight, or to fly into St. Vincent, spend a night there and get the ferry. I personally would suggest flying into St Vincent island but if you have never been to Barbados before, it might be worthwhile to spend a full day there checking out Barbados a bit.
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    Getting from Barbados to Bequia

    Flying to St Vincent and using the ferry to Bequia is the nicest way to do it...It’s what I did the first time I visited Bequia. If you want to fly from Barbados to Bequia, it's done via Liat Airline and the Bequia Express. This way is okay but i would do it because it takes longer and if Liat is running late, you might miss the last ferry to Bequia.
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    choose a charter plane

    My advice is to avoid booking a scheduled flight and choose a charter instead, just in case you end up missing your inter-island connection and having to spend hours waiting for the next flight. if you book your own private aircraft, it means it doesn't matter if your flight is late or early. Your private charter plane takes off whenever you're ready.

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